LOCATION : Chicago, Illinois
MARKET : Education
AREA : 310,000 SQ FT
Chicago Public Schools

Founded in 1874, Lake View High School is the oldest operating public secondary school in Illinois. The original building met its demise after being ravaged by a fire, so a new structure was built in 1886. Additions were built in 1916 and 1939. Having stood the test of time, this historic structure is ready for an overhaul. Additions and repairs have been made spanning the life of the building, and now a major renovation is underway.

Cordogan Clark & Associates is the architect for building renovation and is teamed with with Singh & Associates for MEP engineering, to bring Lake View High School a new life while maintaining its historic character. This included roof replacement; masonry restoration; the renovation of classrooms, the gymnasium, corridor cafeteria, kitchen, restrooms, and ADA compliance modifications. Total cost of the renovation is $20,000,000. This project was undertaken by the Public Buildings Commission (PBC) on behalf of Chicago Public Schools. The general contractor is Blinderman Construction with All Masonry, JV.

Cordogan, Clark was also the Architect of Record for a $7,000,000.00 renovation of the historic Lake View High School in Chicago. In a unique partnership between Chicago Public Schools and local colleges, this project's goal is to enhance science, technology, engineering, and math education by providing multiple S.T.E.M. laboratories. Providing for these new programs required the complete renovation of sixteen existing classrooms. These now provide upgraded chemistry and biology labs as well as multi-functional computer labs which are intended to foster collaboration and cooperative learning using state-of the-art technologies such as tele-presence, SMART Boards, gaming / networking centers and mobile computer stations. The program also required interior modifications to accommodate accessibility improvements, which included substantial renovations to the Auditorium, Weight Room, Wrestling Room, Pool, and ancillary Locker Rooms.