LOCATION : Aurora, Illinois
MARKET : Education, Residential
AREA : 27,700 SQ FT
Aurora University

The new four-story Centennial Hall for Aurora University, designed by Cordogan Clark & Associates, provides rooms for 107 students. It is part of comprehensive campus improvements including new facilities as well as renovations of existing ones. It is designed to help meet the housing needs created by the University's growing enrollment.

The new Residence Hall is located on the southwest side of campus alongside the new Institute for Collaboration building, also designed by our firm. Its design responds to this building as well as the overall architectural design of campus. The four-story 27,700 sq. ft. hall is constructed as a free-standing building instead of an addition to an existing hall, in order to preserve a historic grove of pine trees. The building incorporates sun shades between floors to enhance the structure's aesthetics—but its design is about more than just looking good. Walls are assembled with insulated masonry cavities to maximize energy savings.

In addition to providing individual student rooms, it also provides rooms for resident assistants on each floor, as well as for a Residence Hall director on the first floor. Each floor features shared student community rooms and bathrooms/showers. A larger student community space / lounge area is located on the first floor, along with a Laundry and Mailroom. The scale of this Residence Hall is intimate enough that all students can get to know one another. It encourages a sense of belonging and "place". It provides students a friendly transition from home life.