LOCATION : Illinois
MARKET : Education

Out with the books and in with state-of-the-art technology! A $1 million plus new media center at the Merrillville Intermediate School is giving students the opportunity to learn in unique ways. Keystone Architecture's refurbishment of the school's old library incorporates STEM and STEAM into a makerspace and media center offering a wide variety of experiential educational experiences. The design and layout of the new library fosters critical thinking and problem solving enabling the students to learn via hands-on projects.

In addition to the Media Resource Center/Maker Space renovation, Keystone / Cordogan Clark converted a tiered lecture hall into a 21st Century Active Learning Classroom by removing the concrete risers and rebuilding a new flat floor space with multi-media connections throughout the space, providing endless collaborative furniture arrangements and new technology allowing multiple functionality from group learning to full classroom technology sharing.

The project also included the complete renovation of the administrative wing and addition of a large shared conference room in the underutilized, large lobby at the main entrance. The Administrative wing renovation added four offices to consolidate the student services and school counseling functions that were on the second floor and reworked the reception area to allow better visitor monitoring and greeting. The renovation also added ADA compliant toilets along with new conference space.