LOCATION : Lafayette, Indiana
MARKET : Commercial

The Bob Rohrman Lincoln/Mercury dealership has occupied a site on Sagamore Parkway North for a number of years, but the old facility was destroyed in a massive fire in late 2001. The Bob Rohrman Auto Group came to Keystone and commissioned them to work on a larger and improved design for a new facility. This project had several design challenges for the team. First off was the awkward triangular site, which was transverse below grade but an underground river. The newer and larger facility occupies a majority of the site, leaving a very select usage for car display. The second challenge was to work with both corporations and their design standards to incorporate them into one facility. Later, a third auto manufacture, Hyundai, was added to the facility as well.

The new building features two prominent entryways. One noted by the Lincoln and Mercury Logos, while the other, with the Hyundai logo. These entrances open up into private show rooms for each, divided between them with sales offices. The back of the showrooms are also lined with sales offices. The showrooms are two stores tall, and are viewable from the upstairs mezzanine area. This smaller floor features a large office, employee support areas, and additional storage for the parts department. Off to one side of the building is the service department. It features a variety of fourteen (14) service bays with enclosed drop off and pick up areas on either end. Attached directly to the service department are support areas for it. Offices for service managers and write up staff, employee break room and lockers, and customer waiting lounge and children's play area. The parts department is located in conjunction with the service department and behind the sales floor. It also utilizes its own outside entrance for car owners to come directly and pick up additional items.